Huerfano County Colorado USA

This   is   We   Are   Change    of   Huerfano   County,   Colorado,   in   the   United   States. We Are   Change ,   with   Chapters   worldwide,   started   in   New   York   City.   The   words “We are change” are from Ghandi who said, “We are the change we seek.” We   Are   Change    is   worldwide,   so   as   one   example   we   would   say   to   the   people of   the   UK   that   those   who   worked   so   hard   for   your   Magna   Carta   of   1215   wanted you, so many years later, to defend the freedoms you are entitled to. How    do    you    know    if    facts    presented    on    this    website    have    been    properly verified? You learn to do research .
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This video shows just how far the NEW WORLD ORDER will go to promote GUN CONTROL
PROOF - WITH DOCUMENTATION     The New World Order Exists