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Statement On Sandy Hook

By Bruce Kettler           January 19, 2013 update

 In reporting what I have seen on the internet, I have been careful to report what is evident. As one example, in a letter to the editor, I reported that two people were seen on video, running from the scene. I did not say anything like “two shooters.” It is important that we tell others the facts, and that we are careful to call theories what they are - theories. That they were shooters is only speculation. In reporting that one was in handcuffs, be sure and say that witnesses reported the handcuffs. You were not there, so at least 2 witnesses reported the handcuffs.

In one video, a man walks out smiling, then takes the position of a crying parent of one of the victims. That’s the fact. The theory is that he is an actor. He could be.

Professor James Tracy has been getting a lot of very bad publicity, and may lose his Professor position over his reporting of the Sandy Hook incident. His words were twisted, and taken out of context, by media con artists, particularly Anderson Cooper. So, if you even tell people of the discrepancies, it can all be taken out of context, and retold in an entirely different manner.

And, that all leads me to speculate that some of the discrepancies were obvious, so that people in the truth movement could be discredited. I have not checked all the sources of all the videos. I’ve made no declaration of fact regarding them, other than what is on the videos. I’ve included links to reports, and interpretations, of others.

The best description I can give, at this point, is that the videos, and reports, indicate the whole event is “fishy,” to say the least. As time progresses, more facts emerge, and increasingly point in the direction of a conspiracy.My personal opinion is that there is about 90 percent probability of a conspiracty, for the purpose of making highly restrictive gun control more easily palatable. I don’t believe it’s working.