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Operation Arrest Them - OAT

By Bruce Kettler                   Update: April 21, 2013

Sometime in the future, this page will include details of broken laws by many officials in the US. The types of  offenses include:

Promoters of the Climate Change fraud who knowingly put out fraudulent data.

President Obama, High Treason, and the UN.

Financial swindle by Henry Paulson, Timothy Geitner, and others.

Mass Murder Charges, in many countries, of the so-called "elite."

People in public office who vote for bills that advocate eugenics. Eugenics equals mass murder.

In the US, those guilty of misprision of treason  They knew of treason, were in a position of trust to prosecute it, and did not.

When I write, “arrest them,” I am referring to the legal action of arrest and prosecution by proper authorities, both judicial and law enforcement.

To read about the most recent development on the subject of war crimes, click here.

It is important to note that no-one is above the law, whether we refer to spiritual law, natural law, or the federal and state
laws within the US. If former President Bush, or President Obama, commit crimes, they are subject to removal from office
(impeachment) and a trial by jury in the United States. If their crimes are international in scope, they are also subject to
judicial review by other affected countries.

A famous prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi wrote a book titled, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for murder. His website is PROSECUTE GEORGE BUSH DOT COM

He spoke to the House Judiciary Committee



United States House Judiciary Committee          Vincent Bugliosi                    Friday     July 25, 2008


[He is the] author of several timely books.  I think this is his latest one, The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder.  He is quite a well known former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, remembered for his prosecution of Charles Manson in 1970.  He's since been very active before his appearance before the committee today.

Mr. Chairman and members of the Committee.  I've been told that the rules of this house dictate that although I can quote what President George Bush said, I am forbidden from accusing him of a crime or even any dishonorable conduct, only being allowed to use the words "Bush Administration," or "Administration Officials," but for the sake of articulation, I'll do the best that I can.
In my book here, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, I present evidence that proves beyond all reasonable doubt that this administration's officials took this nation to war in Iraq on a lie under false pretenses, and therefore under the law they are guilty of murder for the deaths of over 4000 young American soldiers who have died so far in Iraq fighting their war.  And lets not forget the over 100,000 innocent Iraq men, women, children and babies who have died horrible, violent deaths because of this war.
I am fully aware that the charge I just made is a serious one, but let me say that at this stage of my career I don't have time for fanciful reveree.  I never, in a million years, would propose a murder prosecution for Bush Administration officials if I didn't believe there was more than enough evidence to convict them, and that I was standing on strong legal ground.  What is some of that evidence?  Because of time constraints, I'm only going to mention one piece of evidence today.  I have documentary evidence that when George Bush told the nation on the evening of October 7, 2002 that Saddam Hussein was an imminent threat to the security of this country, he was telling millions of unsuspecting Americans the exact opposite of what his own CIA had told Administration Officials just six days earlier in a classified report on October 1 -- that Hussein was not an imminent threat.
But it gets worse.  On October 4, the Bush administration put out an unclassified summary version of a classified report so they could give it to congress and the American people.  And this unclassified version came to be known as "the white paper."  And in this "white paper," which I have in front of me, the conclusion of U.S. Intelligence that Saddam Hussein was not an imminent threat to the security of this country was completely deleted.  Every single one of these all important words was taken out so Congress and the American people never saw any of this.  Since we are talking about a matter of war and peace, with the safety and lives of millions of human beings since that time hanging in the balance, and with Congress about to vote in one week on whether or not to authorize George Bush to go to war in Iraq, which could possibly be worse...and more culpible, than the bush administration deliberately keeping this all important conclusion from congress and the American people.  A terrible reality is that the Bush Administration has gotten away with thousands upon thousands of murders, and we...the American people cannot let them do this.  During the question and answer period, if requested I will give you words from George Bush's own mouth that I believe will prove shocking to most of you folks in these chambers. On December 9, 1998 a previous House Judiciary Committee issued 4 articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton for doing something infinately less significant than what the evidence shows the Bush Administration did in this case.  Indeed it is a ... slander of the highest rank to even talk about this in the same breath, or on the same page.  If the House Judiciary committee could recommend that President Clinton be impeached for what he did...all the more so, with all the highly incriminating evidence that I set forth in my book, much of it documentary, you shouldn't have any difficulty making a criminal referral to the Department of Justice for the domestic criminal investigation into the Bush Administration to determine whether FIRST DEGREE MURDER CHARGES should be brought against certain members of this administration.  I hereby strongly urge you to do so.  Whether republican or democrat, all Americans should be absolutely outraged over what the Bush administration has done.  How dare they do what they did?  How dare they! (applause from the audience)
Mr. Chairman you said you would clear the room if there was an outburst, and I think there has clearly been an outburst.
I'm not going to clear the room, but I will suggest that the hearing cannot give any indication of approval or disapproval of any statements being made by the witness.
Directly because of this administration's war, there are well over 100,000 precious human beings in their cold graves right now as I'm talking to you, speaking metaphorically, I want you to hear, as I do, their cries for justice.I say that it would greatly dishonor those who were brave who paid the ultimate price because of this war for you not to refer this case to the Department of  Justice.  If we want this nation to become the great nation it once was, widely respected around the world, we can hardly do this if we don't take the concept of bringing those responsible for the war in Iraq to justice.
Thank you Mr. Chairman




Romania - the year 1989