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Using Consciousness Flow and the Law Of Attraction
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You may subscribe to the World Peace Alliance Mailing   www.worldpeacealliance.com Click here for 12 Laws of Karma Written by Bruce Kettler   FLOW OF CONSCIOUSNESS This is about a form of mind control, in which you are the controller of your own life, not from political or religious forces. It is about the people of the planet taking back control of their world.     As we feel and imagine the flow of peace consciounsess all over our beloved Earth we can see peace beginning to take root in the world outside.   In Tel Aviv Israel, amidst all the futile screams of war on TV from world so- called "leaders," there are signs on the outside of the buses of love and peace between the people of Iran, and Israel. People walking down the street turn their heads to read the signs. And, the consciousness of the people prevails. How is it we are not experiencing World War III now? How is it that the experience of peace within brings peace in our world? It is revealed on this website.   Learn of the power of flow. It is important for your personal life, as well as for all the people of the Earth.   Blood flows through our arteries, and we are healthy when the flow is not obstructed. In the same way, people are spiritually healthy when there is a smooth flow of consciousness, when there is harmony.   There are discordant combinations of musical notes, and those which are in harmony. In the configurations of planets, there is discord and harmony, meaningful combinations, or without particularly important patterns. In combinations of events there is indication of easy flow, or obstruction of it.   In the introduction of The Power of Flow, about synchronicity, we read, "Flow is the natural, effortless unfolding of our lives in a way that moves us toward wholeness and harmony. When we are in flow, occurences line up, events fall into place, and obstacles melt away."   So, going back to the analogy of the arteries, "obstacles melt away." What is it that comes from blocked arteries? Heart attacks, or strokes. What happens with blocked spiritual flow? I call it a "Consciousness Attack." On a world wide scale, the most extreme outcome is world-wide nuclear war, and massive numbers of dead and dying people.   What is synchronicity? In chapter 2 on the website we read,  "You are walking down the street, and you cross paths with a friend you haven’t seen for many years. You do a double-take, stop, talk, say good-bye, and walk on... Assume that there’s no causal connection: you did nothing to arrange the meeting with your friend and had no idea he was even in town. Perhaps you were thinking of him just the day before, for the first time in years: Your thoughts would be the inner event, the meeting the outer event."   There are other forms of synchronicty. Suppose you meet someone with the same last name as another person you know in the area you live, and that person's house number in another city is the same as the 3 digit house number of the person in the area you live in. There are 999 possibilities for a 3 digit number. How many more for a certain last name? Suppose that person you met for the first time in your life was very special to you for months before you knew of the 3 digit house numbers, and you had even forgotten the last name of the person in your area? That's a very special form of synchronicity, because the odds are astronomical.   But, what of the meaning of events? The meaning is ascertained through your dreams, what you had been experienciing before the event, what types of communication and/or feeling occurs during the events, what transactions take place, and your intuition which should transcend desire. Intuition may coincide with a desire, or it may be contrary to it, but one must be able to know the difference between desire and intuition.   The most important thing about flow is this:   Trust in Flow   Your intuition is the voice of your soul. It starts out a whisper, and you may listen carefully. If you follow it, the next time it will speak more distinctly, and each time you trust it, you are helped further. Stop trusting, and it stops. The same thing with the flow of synchronicity. Follow it, and the synchronous events will continue nearly every day for your benefit. Combine dreams, intuition, and synchronicity, and your life will be greatly enriched. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: You draw into your life, like a magnet, what you most consistently think and feel. Even if you think, and feel, too often, that you do not want certain uncomfortable circumstances, you will draw that. If you say to yourself, again and again, "I am so tired of not having enough money," you will continue to  have very little. If you have met the same type of the opposite sex, again and again, and  you constantly say to yourself, and others, how tired you are of losers, of promiscuous people, of stupid, or violent, or whatever, that type will continue to manifest. Get that? Even if you say you DO NOT WANT, and if you feel the RESISTANCE to that, it will  continue to happen. Your thoughts and emotions draw that into your life. What you RESIST - PERSISTS! The PROPER use of the LAW OF ATTRACTION requires you know what you DO want,  and dwell upon that. Suppose you want to quit smoking. You do not dwell upon SMOKING, or STOPPING. You dwell upon clean, and healthy, lungs. You dwell upon the state of mind,  and body, that is satisfied with clean air. FORGET the smoke.  If you constantly have indigestion, do not remind yourself of the uncomfortable, or painful, feelings in your body that you want to get rid of. Consider good health, and a body filled with peace. The proper use of the LAW OF ATTRACTION improves with practice. RAJA YOGA helps one to understand CONTROL OVER ONE’S OWN EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS. This is not the same type of control that psychology refers to as repression. It is far different, and when you learn of RAJA YOGA you will understand. Find out about astrology, on this page.                         In the same manner, gratitude draws into your life more of what you are grateful for. It is magnetic also.  If you look at the people in poverty in the world, who do not have shelter, or enough food, while you are eating well with a roof over your head, then you should be grateful for whatever you have. Even if you have desires for more money, and luxuries, be grateful for what you do have because that gratitude will be instrumental in bringing greater wealth into your life. Wealth is not evil. It's the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil, not the money itself. Contrary to some ideas, desire itself is not evil. It is the certain ways that people do not properly understand desire that has become a problem. You can learn more of this through RAJA YOGA. In the same manner, if you have good friends, and so many others in your life are not good to you, then be grateful for the good ones, and more good fortune will come into your life in the way of friendships. For your ideal mate, find your soulmate. It is because certain people have so little control over their own thoughts and  emotions that they constantly proclaim a need for only positive thinking, or  knowledge. There is information out there that people find distressful, but it is the  nature of our reality, at this time in history, that it's important to know what is  happening in our world. It is also important to not let the negative information  become DOMINANT THOUGHTS OR EMOTIONS.   As Napoleon Hill wrote, "Every adversity has within itself, the seeds of an  equivalent benefit." So, look at the difficulties, and possible bad outcomes, as seeds of benefit which lead to the  world's becoming peaceful, richer, and freer. As one example, the acts of tyrants and greedy people are leading to  a world wide wake-up call, which is leading to consciousness of, and actual, freedom and prosperity.   We don't get stressed out about the war we want to prevent, but we instead get into a consciousness flow, an inner  peace, about the peaceful world we are creating. Learn how to meditate.  If you do this, properly, on a regular basis, you will be able, with inward peace, and with  wisdom, handle just about anything that occurs. There are directed meditation upon a goal, certain thoughts,  mantras, etc. There is quiet meditation. Raja Yoga is a method of meditation that I've found helpful for decades, but  that could be because of my own aptitude for mental workings that I was born with. Obtain The Series of Lessons  in Raja Yoga by Yogi Ramacharaka (nearly a century old) and see how your soul resonates with this. The focus is  upon the part of you that does not think, have feelings, or a body. In other words, the eternal you. That YOU existed  before you came into this physical existence, and will be after your body dies. When I say you focus upon that  eternal self, I do not mean that your thoughts, your feelings, or your body are to be ignored. Certainly, you enjoy  taking care of your body, feeding it wholesome food, giving it exercise, enjoying a wholesome and spiritual sexual  relationship, and great intellectual growth and enjoyment