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The Enemy Within

By Bruce Kettler

Update February 10, 2013

A major trick in the toolbox of the New World Order is divide and conquer. Those who can readily see their tactic of dividing nation against nation, or political movements within a nation against others, rarely see the subtle signs of other more dangerous divisions that are probably now in the process of formation.

President Obama has spoken about a “Civilian National Security Force.”  We need to look into this, in depth. Why? Because it’s certain brainwashed followers who, while they temporarily and openly expressed hatred of guns in the hands of the people, will probably become armed within the states, counties, and cities, where local governments are resisting gun bans.

At the same time, if executive orders are permitted to take effect, they could allow the right of gun ownership only to the so-called “politically correct” in the “Civilian National Security Force,” while taking firearms from many others. This is not much different than gun bans in other countries, in the past, where gun ownership was granted only to those selected.

So, what type of people will likely be selected for this “Civilian National Security Force”?  They are, to a great extent, described on this page. They usually show the following patterns:

Worship of ObamaFanatical Earth Worship

False belief that an excessive number of people on earth, threatens life

Belief in the Global Warming-Climate Change Myth

The State should be in Charge of your children - the family is supposedly a disease

Worship of centralized state, and United Nations authority

Hatred, and fear, of gun ownership in the hands of the people (but once they are told they are not just citizens, but rather an “elite” force, they will change their view)

Belief that nationalism, patriotism, or adherance to a national constitution is fascism

A false notion that capitalism, and private ownership of land, is evil. But some of them own land.

Let us look at the stated intent of President Obama:

We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

Two billion rounds of ammunition have recently been stockpiled by the U.S. Government for domestic use - 6 rounds for each man, woman, and child in the country. Could this ammunition be designated for the “Civilian National Security Force”? And, if so why?The U.S. Military is waking up to the global scheme, and to their duty under the U.S. Constitution. Even foreign military entering a state, or county, where the local government is opposed to gun bans, can have a more difficult task of gun confiscation, or murder, than a sneaky murdering horde of brainwashed misfits from within.   I am not saying that everyone with the above listed distorted perception of reality are murderers. Some of them are misled, and would probably not go along with being armed to do the bidding of some evil force. So, please do not categorize everyone I describe here, as an enemy.

http://www.examiner.com/article/new-black-panther-leader-hunt-down-and-kill-white-people http://www.examiner.com/article/mexican-drug-cartels-gain-foothold-1-286-us-cities



http://www.infowars.com/after-sandy-hook-how-psychiatrists-will-become-policemen/ http://www.naturalnews.com/038736_executive_orders_psychiatry_patients_rights.html

In light of information from some of the above links, can you see a pattern emerging, whereby guns could be taken from innocent Americans, and gun ownership would be promoted for bloodthirsty people, of gangster, and politically fanatical, types?  Can you see the possibility of racial conflict, created by the New World Order, to further their aim to dominate people, and eliminate guns in the hands of good citizens?
Are there other types the New World Order will likely recruit, and give guns and ammunition to? Yes, there are welfare recipients, and people who are on psychotropic drugs. The checks that come in every month make them dependent upon the government, and they may have no political motivation, but rather be dependent on the money to inform on innocent people, and perhaps become active in state sponsored murder. Those on prescription psychotropic drugs need the drugs to function. They are extremely dependent. Not every one of these people will go along with murder, or informing on innocent people.  Am I predicting this will definately take place? No. I cannot even state, for certain, it is an NWO plan. I can only say that events, and statements, seem to be pointed in that direction, and I hope none of this happens. It’s important, however, that people be watching for problems, so they are not surprised by devistating events.There have been recent showings of President Obama, and CNN talk show host Piers Morgan, involved in target shooting. These are anti-gun people. As a joke, on a Piers Morgan show, there was talk of shooting Alex Jones. This could be propaganda designed to get the anti-gunners used to the idea of gun ownership, and violent acts.School Indoctrination - FACT  In many areas of the U.S., children are being taught to tell authorities about their parents. Are they using too much hot water? What kind of guns do they have? Do the research, and check the sources.

http://godfatherpolitics.com/2613/turning-schoolchildren-into-informants/#.Tuqyyi7Oz4I.emailFEMA Preachers - FACT


In the United States of America increasing numbers of protestant preachers have been placed on the government payroll. They preach that people MUST OBEY GOVERNMENT. It does not matter what the government tells them to do, they must do it. Do the research. Follow links from linked pages. Even mainstream media reports this.They are trained, that when an emergency comes about, they are to instruct the members of their congregation to:

FEMA recruiting preachers to Quell "dissent" during Martial Law

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